Why are you asking me for my login credentials to Spotify?

Chartable collects data from lots of different sources — Apple Podcasts Connect, Spotify, and our own tracking service, Trackable. It might seem unusual that we ask for your username and password for some of these services. 

Here's why we do it: You can grow and monetize your podcast better with all your data in one place.

We'd prefer not to ask for usernames and passwords, but many of these providers either don't offer any other way to export data on a regular basis, or don't offer the specific data that Chartable users have demanded—downloads and demographics.

We hope that over time, more services will offer easy ways for you to collect your data on Chartable (and elsewhere!) using industry-standard practices like APIs and OAuth access. Until then, we're forced to ask for your logins. 

We take the responsibility of storing your data extremely seriously. For more on how we handle your logins, read more here.

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