Getting Started with Ad Attribution

Update: With Chartable now a part of Spotify, we will be shifting our focus to building world-class publisher tools as part of the Megaphone platform. For our advertiser customers, that means that we will soon be deprecating our SmartAds product and will no longer be supporting advertiser campaigns on the Chartable platform.

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Chartable's SmartAds platform empowers advertisers to understand the effectiveness of their podcast advertising campaigns. Our best-in-class attribution tool connects podcast downloads to actions on advertiser website and apps. 

Publisher connection: How Chartable tracks podcast impressions

  • RSS prefix. Podcast publishers enclose Chartable's Trackable prefix within their RSS feed. When a listener plays a podcast, the Trackable prefix will log the download and redirect the listener to the podcast episode, instantly. Chartable collects the listener's IP address and their device's user agent. Podcasts that have the Trackable prefix can run measurement on "baked-in" ads
  • Impression pixel for Dynamic Ad Insertion. Chartable can measure dynamically inserted ads through a real-time impressions pixel from a dynamic ad insertion provider such as Art19, Megaphone and AdsWizz. We also support measurement on ads purchased through Spotify's Streaming Audio Insertion (SAI) platform. 

Chartable works with over 15,000 podcasts measuring 1+ billion downloads per month. Determine if podcasts on your media plan are compatible with Chartable attribution here

Advertiser connection: How Chartable collects web events

  • SmartAds JavaScript SDK: Brands place the Chartable JavaScript snippet (commonly called the "web pixel") on their website to send events to Chartable. Events can include website and page visits, lead completions, purchase conversions, and more. 
  • Mobile Integration: Chartable can also attribute app installs and in-app events through mobile integrations with MMPs

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