LiveRamp Cutover Information

Beginning 12/28/20, Chartable’s attribution methodology for SmartAds started using a new device graph provider, LiveRamp

Why change device graph providers??

The transition to LiveRamp affords a few new opportunities:

  • Pixel-less onboarding: For clients already using LiveRamp, we’ll be able to receive advertiser events via LiveRamp connect—sidestepping the Chartable web pixel entirely. For clients not already using LiveRamp, we’re happy to facilitate an introduction!
  • Audience Matches to IDLs: Liveramp’s identifiers, IDLs, are a persistent marketing identifier, understood by most major ad platforms-this enables some new feature builds.
  • Integration with LiveRamp ecosystem: We’ll be able to utilize LiveRamp’s data ecosystem to build some exciting new features.

This change was not based on the accuracy of the model, since both our prior device graph provider and our new one have been validated by external providers such as Nielsen to be more than 90% accurate.

Some things look different...

We have created a new metric! Confirmed Unique Visitors reflect the number of unique visitors, as determined by a web-based cookie or mobile based MAID, attributed to your podcast campaigns. This new metric augments the Household metric and more closely parallels metrics available in major analytics platforms.

We have updated names of metrics as follows to ensure our naming aligns with the underlying methodology:

  • Household Visits replaced by Confirmed Unique Households.
  • Estimated Total Visits replaced by Estimated Unique Households.
  • This replacement scheme from Household to Confirmed also holds true for other funnel events, such Add to Cart events and Lead events. For example, Household Purchases were renamed as Confirmed Purchases.

Read more about "Confirmed" versus "Estimated" here -

How does this impact my data?

Top of funnel metrics such as impressions, reach and frequency are unaffected by this change.

Attributed metrics, including households as well as such as leads and purchases, will see impacts varying on an advertiser-by-advertiser basis. This doesn’t reflect a different methodology, just a different device graph which has a different perspective. Chartable’s overall approach to attribution will continue, just with a new metric and a new device graph powering it.

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