How does the incremental lift study work?

Incremental lift provides insight into how an ad performs against a control group customized to the advertiser’s campaign.

This is especially useful for brands that advertise across a wide variety of media. Our pixel-based attribution will pick up conversions attributed to podcast listeners, but without incremental lift, one can’t determine whether being exposed to a podcast ad campaign actually influenced a response. Incremental lift allows advertisers to precisely isolate the effect of a podcast campaign.

The lift report works as follows:
  1. We take an ad exposed audience from a 30+ day window with at least 1 million impressions.
  2. We take a control group during that same 30+ day window of podcast downloaders who are in the same geo and downloaded podcasts on the same day, but did not overlap with your ad exposed group.
  3. We compare and contrast the response rate and conversion rates of the two groups at both an overall level and per-show level.
  4. This gives you better insight into how your podcast advertising campaign impacted listener behavior, compared against listeners who never heard your podcast ad—which in turn creates a window into how podcast advertising contributes among the other marketing you're doing on other channels.

You can find more information about how Chartable lift measurement works in our blog announcement, and read how to interpret your report files in this article

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