What stats/analytics does Chartable offer that my hosting provider doesn't?

If you're self-hosting your podcast or using a hosting provider like Soundcloud, Chartable can offer more accurate download statistics that are compliant with Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB v2) guidelines. We'll give you total downloads by show and by episode, broken down by country and player.

If you're already using a fantastic hosting provider, then Chartable's analytics tracking might offer similar download counting. However, we offer much more than just download counting:

  • Charts — monitor your podcast's movement in charts across Apple, Chartable and Spotify
  • Reviews & Ratings — track all of your reviews worldwide
  • Demographics — see household level demographic data about your listeners, podcast player data, and geographic location
  • Comparative Analytics — compare performance of episodes and see the intersection of your audiences across episodes & podcasts
  • Spotify & Apple Podcasts Integrations — to bring all your data to one place
  • SmartLinks — marketing links that can track how many downloads come in through links placed on social media, etc
  • SmartPromos — measure the effectiveness of podcast to podcast advertisements
  • SmartAds — advertising attribution for podcasts monetizing through advertisements
  • CSV Reports — exportable comma-separated values reports 

We're constantly adding and improving features, so we suggest signing up and giving Chartable a shot! Our pricing plans and a feature list can be found here

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