How to Approve Sold SmartPromos

If your show is promoting another network's show, they will likely ask you to approve their SmartPromo request. Any team can approve SmartPromos for spots they've sold running on their show, but only Pro and Enterprise accounts can create SmartPromos to measure attribution for spots promoting their shows. 

First, the team buying the promotion will need to create a SmartPromo and make sure they enter your Chartable account's name into the "Seller Team"  for approval. See this article - How to Create SmartPromos.

Once the SmartPromo has been created and assigned to your team for approval, you'll see the request in your AdOps > Requests page.

If it's a Dynamic SmartPromo, you'll have the option to select what kind of tracking pixel you need when you approve it.

After you approve a SmartPromo, you'll see it in the AdOps > Manage page, where you'll be able to view all approved SmartPromos and copy the pixel code for dynamic SmartPromos. 

Alternatively, the team purchasing the promotion could create an internal dynamic SmartPromo and email you the DAI tracking pixel instead. Note that you will not be able to see the analytics for the campaign in your dashboard if it doesn't pass through the traditional approval process. More info on that here: Can I Create a Tracking Pixel to Email to Someone


  • If you don't see the approval request in your AdOps > Requests page, it's likely that the SmartPromo was not assigned to your account. Ask the team who created the SmartPromo to double check the Publisher column in their Manage > Requests page in their account to confirm the promo was assigned to the correct Chartable team. More info here.
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