How to set up a custom domain for SmartLinks

Note that this feature is available for Pro and Enterprise accounts. Visit the Team Settings > Billing page in your Chartable dashboard to learn more or upgrade your account.

To set up a custom domain for your SmartLinks, visit the SmartLinks page in your Chartable dashboard and click on the Settings button.Click on the Custom Domain tab.

Enter the custom domain you'd like to use. We recommend something like "" or "" (replace the with your actual domain name). 

I'll enter "" to use as an example. Once you click save, you'll see a CNAME value has been created.

Copy this CNAME value to your clipboard, then open up a new tab in your web browser and visit your domain name registrar.

You'll need to visit the DNS settings section of your domain name registrar and add a CNAME record.

I use to manage my domain, so I'll use them as an example. 

I'll login to my Hover account, visit the DNS settings for my domain, and click on the Add Record button.

I'll select CNAME as the type of record, then enter "listen" in the HOSTNAME field, and paste in the CNAME value I copied from Chartable earlier into the TARGET NAME field. Then I'll click the Save Changes button.

I switch back to my Chartable dashboard, then click the blue text to refresh the domain status.

Everything was entered correctly, so I see the status updated to "Active".

That's it! Now you will be able to select the custom domain from the dropdown under the Custom Short Link setting on the Basic Info tab when creating a new SmartLink. 

Here's a few help articles from popular domain name registrars on how to add CNAME records to domains:

1. GoDaddy:

2. NameCheap:


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