What is the Retention Chart?

Retention Chart Overview

The Retention Chart shows how new listeners continue to engage with your podcast over time.

The number in each box shows the percentage of the new listeners of your podcast that downloaded their first episode in Month 1 that downloaded another episode in Month X. The higher each number is, the more users are continuing to engage with your podcast. 

For example, in the second row of the chart shown above, Month 1 is October 2020 and Month 2 is November 2020, and so on. Therefore, 7.32% of the new listeners from October downloaded more episode(s) of the show in November. Additionally, 28.46% of the new listeners from October downloaded more episode(s) of the show in December. 

The "Average" row at the top of the chart shows you the average retention rate for your show.

If you check the box next to "show avg download per device", you'll see the average number of times a listener in the cohort downloaded an episode of your podcast. Typically, this number is the same as the number of episodes you release per month.

To learn more about what insights you can get from the retention chart, check out this article from Pacific Content featuring Chartable's Co-Founder and CEO, Dave Zohrob: How sticky is your content?

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