I'm seeing "Pending" on a campaign, but the publisher says the pixel is active. What's going on?

A campaign will switch from "Pending" to "Active" once Chartable has received the first pixel event. 

If you're seeing "Pending" but the publisher says the pixel is active, here are a few things to check for:

  • Ask if the pixel was placed in the proper area within their dynamic ad insertion provider.
  • Double check is the proper pixel was placed. 
    • Can they send you a screenshot of the pixel they placed?
    • Does it match what's seeing on the Manage or Sold tab via SmartPromos?

*Please note when sending a pixels via email, the pixel format might change. Always try to send the pixel via Chartable profiles, text files or excel / google docs. 

If you're still having issues please email [email protected] for additional help.  

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